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Week 8

Monday 1st March

WALT understand what saviour/salvation/save mean

Imagine that somebody is struggling in the water and a lifeguard needs to help them.  How could you use a rope in a rescue?  How many different ways can you think of?  Can you represent one of your ideas using play dough/lego/objects/string/something else?  


Think of these films - Lion King, Frozen, Tangled.  If you haven't seen these, don't worry!  These films have rescues in them.  What are the rescues?  Can you think of any films that have rescues in them?  Sketch a rescue moment in a film. Answer these questions: 

Who needed rescuing?  

Why did they need saving ?  

Was it someone’s fault?  

Who was the rescuer?  

What did they do?  

What did the rescue ‘cost’?


Are rescuers or saviours needed in real life?   Why do you think there are so many rescues in films?  Are rescuers needed in the real world?  What do you think?  Have you ever been the ‘rescuer’?  Christians talk a lot about ‘salvation’ or ‘rescues’ at church and that Jesus’ name means ‘saviour’?  Saviour is like ‘rescuer’ or ‘helper’.