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Week 8 - 1/3/21

Week 8


This week we are continuing a unit based on a story about Persephone. You will learn more about the story endings as well as writing your own alternative ending.


Monday 1.3.21

In this lesson, you will learn more about the main events of the story ending before boxing up your ideas for an ending.

Tuesday 2.3.21

In this lesson, you will listen to the ending of a different story and learn how writers make satisfying endings.

Wednesday 3.3.21

In this lesson, we are going to write an ending. We will use shared writing so you don't forget to include any of the key events.

Thursday 4.3.21

In this lesson, we will think of ideas for a new ending and box up the ideas for these together. 

Friday 5.3.21

In the final lesson of this unit, you will use the boxing up plan from yesterday to write an alternative ending to the story. Again, we will use shared writing to make sure you are able to include all the key events.