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Week 8

Monday 1st March

WALT consider who helps us stay safe and healthy


Have a look at the PowerPoint on Purple Mash and think about who each person is.  How do these people keep us healthy or safe?


What do we mean by being responsible for something? Can you think of a definition for responsible?  An example one might be: looking after a person or thing/being reliable and trustworthy/having important duties.


Look at the photos in the PowerPoint again and consider these questions:

1. What is this person responsible for? What are their responsibilities?

2. What or who do they look after?

3. What important duties do they have?

4. What makes them reliable and trustworthy?


Choose 2 of the pictures to write down answers to these questions for.  You can do more that 2, if you want.  Finally, think about yourself.  How would you answer these questions for yourself?  What are your responsibilities?