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Week 7 - 22/2/21

Week 7

This week in maths you will be learning about shapes - especially 2D shapes. I have popped a link above which should take you to the White Rose home learning for for this week. All of the lessons are from this week. As usual, I will be emailing the worksheets for the lessons to you - there will only be 4 as Tuesday is an activities lesson. 



Monday 22.2.21 – Recognise 2D and 3D shapes


Tuesday 23.2.21 – Making 2D and 3D shapes - for this lesson you will need materials to make shapes with. Empty boxes are useful, as are straws, blu-tak, marshmallows or play-do. 


Wednesday 24.2.21 - Count sides on 2D shapes


Thursday 25.2.21 - Count vertices on 2D shapes


Friday 26.2.21 - Draw 2D shapes - make sure you've got a ruler for this lesson so your shapes are neat and accurate.