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Week 7 - 22/2/21

Week 7


This week we are beginning a new unit based on a story about Persephone. You will learn about the key characters, listen to the story and respond to it in different ways. 


Monday 22.2.21

In this lesson, you are going to learn about the characters before listening to the story. You will then draw a story map to help you remember the key parts of the story. 

Tuesday 23.2.21

In this lesson, you will memorise our story 'Persephone' by hearing the story, mapping the story and stepping the story.

Wednesday 24.2.21

In our lesson today, you will listen to the story 'Persephone' again and then speak the story using your story map. There is also a short writing activity to help you further understand the story.

Thursday 25.2.21

Today you will be learning how to use an apostrophe to show possession.

Friday 26.2.21

In our final lesson this week, you are going to be finding clues in the text to make inferences.