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Week 7

Monday 22nd February

WALT identify dangers, risks and hazards

What do you think we mean by the terms danger, hazard and risk? 

The words are quite similar but slightly different and there are some definitions below.

Danger – something which will definitely cause harm

Hazard – something which could cause harm

Risk – an action which is taken in a hazardous situation


Have a go at the 'Danger, Hazard or Risk' sheet below.  Try and think of a reason for your answers.  


Which ones were risky?  We take a risk when we are trying to manage a potentially harmful situation.  Some risks can have positive consequences, like if you feel nervous about performing in front of others and you risk feeling embarrassed if things go wrong.  If you take this risk and things go fine (as they usually do) that can help increase your confidence.  


Sometimes, anxiety about making mistakes stops people from taking risks and discovering new things about themselves - things they thought they couldn't do.


What risks have you taken today?

How did you manage that risk so that it was safe?

Who helped you manage that risk?