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Week 6 8.02.21

Monday 8.2.21

Lesson 6 – to box up for purpose

Grammar – practise spelling word with double consonants.

Box up the story Awongalema to break it into smaller parts. You will be thinking about what you can describe in each part using your 5 senses.


Tuesday 9.2.21

Lesson 7 – to explore how writers create vivid description

Read along with Mrs Howley then draw a picture to build a toolkit of how to describe using the senses.


Wednesday 10.2.21

Lesson 8 – to write a story using vivid description

Grammar – spelling words with the double consonant.

Shared writing with Mrs Howley. Remember to use your sensory grid to help you.


Thursday 11.2.21

Lesson 9 – to write a story using vivid description (part 1)

Continue to write your story with Mrs Howley.



Friday 12.2.21

Lesson 10 – to write a story using vivid description (part 2)

Grammar – Spelling words with a double consonant.

Finish a shared write of your story.