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Week 5

Thursday 4th February 

WALT investigate the effect of different liquids on teeth


In today’s lesson, you are going to be coming up with an experiment to see the effect that various liquids have on teeth and see how quickly teeth can stain.  Eggshells have similar properties to teeth so we are going to be using eggs for this experiment.  First, you need to pick around 4 different liquids to use for your experiment.  Mine are going to be: coke, coffee, blackcurrant squash and water.  What will yours be?  Before you start, make a prediction about which one will stain the egg the most.  

  1. Once you have decided on your liquids, fill cups with your different liquids.  One should be water as this is our control test.
  2. Place an egg into each cup.  The liquid should just cover the egg.
  3. Leave the experiment for 2 or 3 days.  You can check on the eggs during this time and note any changes you can see.
  4. After 2 or 3 days, remove the eggs from the cups and describe any changes that you have observed.
  5. Brush the eggs gently with a toothbrush and a sample of toothpaste to see how much the eggs have been stained and see if it’s easy to brush off.  

After you’ve finished the experiment, write down your observations.  Perhaps you could take some pictures of your different eggs to show.  Which liquid caused the most staining?  What does this make you think about looking after your teeth?