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Week 5 - 1/2/21

Week 5


This week you are going to be starting a new unit all about Explanation texts. The texts are going to be looking at how a bird flies so will follow on nicely from our story about the eagle who thought he was a chicken. 


Monday 1.2.21

You will be listening to an explanation today and then mapping the text to help you understand it before stepping it through. 

Tuesday 2.2.21

After exploring whether statements are true of false, you are going to practise telling the explanation today. You will then create a flow chart to help remember the different stages of flight. 

Wednesday 3.2.21

In this lesson you are going to learn about cause and effect. You will be able to investigate about cause and effect in action by learning about when a bird flaps, glides and steers. 

Thursday 4.2.21

You are going to learn about subordinating conjunctions today. Don't panic....I'll tell you more about these in our zoom lesson on Thursday morning. It sounds like a big word but I know that you will be great at using them. 

This is Mrs Constable's presentation from the zoom this morning. You can look at this again if you would like a reminder.

Friday 5.2.21

Today you are going to read in more detail about how birds flap, glide and steer. You will then use three different methods to help you learn how to summarise information.