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Week 5 - 1/2/21

Week 5

This week in maths you will be learning about capacity and volume and how to measure in millilitres and litres. The first 3 lessons this week are from the archived Summer term of the  White Rose maths website but should be easy to find with the information below. I have popped a link above which should take you to the Year 2 archived home learning menu and I will be emailing the worksheets to you separately. Our maths curriculum isn't in the same order as the White Rose lessons, hence heading for the archive section. 


The last two lessons this week are from BBC Bitesize. The activities or worksheets are all on the websites along with short videos. The last one of the two has some more practical activities so there won't be as much written work on Friday. 


Monday 1.2.21 – Compare Volume (Summer Week 10 - Lesson 3)

Tuesday 2.2.21 – Milliltires (Summer Week 10 - Lesson 4)

Wednesday 3.2.21 - Litres (summer Week 11 - Lesson 1)