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Week 5 1.02.21



Sorting materials

This week you are going to have a choice of how you complete this work.

You can now identify different types of materials, talk about some of their properties and carry out a simple experiment to test them. This week you are going to be sorting materials in different ways using some of the new language we have learnt this half term.

You can choose the criteria for sorting and either use the sheets below or objects from around the house and take a photo.

Choose a pair of properties

Rough                                         Smooth

Hard                                           Soft

Transparent (see through)               Opaque (not see through)

Flexible (bendy)                             Rigid (not bendy)



If you would like a challenge then you can choose 2 properties that aren’t opposites. You can then use a Venn diagram to sort. Some materials will fit in just one of the circles but if they meet both criteria they will fit in the middle. I will demonstrate this in the afternoon zoom to help those that what a challenge as we haven’t covered Venn diagrams before. There is an example below.  



Bring your habit trackers to check in on how we are all doing with our targets. We will also have a story to round up the week.