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Week 5 1.02.21

Monday 01.02.21


Look at the PowerPoint on Toys from the Past. Choose a toy and create a poster about it. Use the information on the PowerPoint to help you. Remember to include: what it is made from, how you play with it and what it does. Make sure you draw a lovely picture to go with it.   

Tuesday 02.02.21


The Floor is Lava.

Wednesday 03.02.21


Today we are going to create a class set of Top Trump cards about Toys from the Past.

Use your poster you created on Monday to help you create a Top Trump card for that toy.

The stats that we will have on our Top Trump cards are:

  • Popularity (how popular do you think the toy was?)
  • Fun factor (How fun do you think the toy was?)
  • Easy to use (Was the toy easy to use?)
  • Breakability (Was it easy to break the toy?)

Number rating 1 – 10.

1 - ☹ very unpopular and easy to break.

10 - 😊 A fantastic toy that gets 10 out of 10.