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Week 5 1.02.21

English Spring 5     10 Lessons


Awongalema: description

Monday 1.2.21

Lesson 1 – Listen and respond to a story

Grammar – practise the ‘ear’ letter string.

Listen to Mrs Howley tell you a story set in Africa then draw a text map of the story.


Tuesday 2.2.21

Lesson 2- to tell a story from memory

Tell the story of Awongalema from memory using your text map to help.


Wednesday 3.2.21

Lesson 3 – to describe using the senses

Grammar – Practise the ‘ear’ letter string.

Draw a picture of a scene from Awongalema and use your senses to describe the scene. Create a sensory grid to help you think about what you would see, hear, taste, smell and feel in the scene your have drawn.


Thursday 4.2.21

Lesson 4 – to add –es for plural nouns


Friday 5.2.21

Lesson 5 – to make inferences based on what is said and done

Grammar – ear letter string

Use your magnifying glasses and be a reading detective to look for evidence in the text.

Optional extras

Create a collage of a magical tree.


Use what you can find to create a wonderful collage of a magical tree.


The story for the next two weeks is set in Africa. Africa is well known for its bright colours and patterns. Create a picture using repeating patterns. Some blank templates have been put on the class page for you to use if you would like.