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Week 4

Monday 25th January 2021

WALT understand why the 10 Gurus are important to Sikhs


Sikhs believe there were ten human gurus.  They all had the same role – to share the light of God.  

Imagine there are ten candles.  A match lights the first candle.  Imagine this is God giving light to Guru Nanak.  The lit candle now lights the second candle.  Then the second candle lights the third candle and so on until all the candles are lit.  This is what Sikhs say happened; the divine spirit passed to each following Guru, ten in all.  


On Purple Mash, I have set two 2Dos for this lesson.  One is a PowerPoint with information about the ten gurus.  The other is a document with a table that you can fill in with a fact or two for each guru.  You should be able to upload the document once you've finished by clicking on the 2Do and then clicking upload.   If that doesn't work, you can always email it to me as normal!  


If you can't open a word document, I've put the PDF version below.