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Week 4 25.1.21

Monday 25.01.21


This afternoon you are going to evaluate the toy you have made. You need to think about what you did well, what challenges you faced and how you dealt with any of those challenges. It would be great if you could think of something you would do differently next time.

Tuesday 26.01.21


Animal Travel

This week’s challenge is to travel to different rooms in your house. You must travel to each room as a different animal. Think carefully about how you will use your body to move like each animal.

Wednesday 27.01.21


In Year 1 it is really important that we learn about different aspects of the past. To find out about toys of the past it would be brilliant if you could ask a parent or grandparent about their favourite toy from when they were a child. I know we can not see all of our grandparents in person at the minute, but you could ask them on the phone or write them a letter. 

Have a go at writing three questions you would like to ask them to find out about their favourite childhood toy. You can then record their answers.