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Week 4 25.1.21

Monday 25.1.21

To box up for purpose

Grammar – spelling activity.

Boxing up activity by drawing pictures to help you plan your sentences.


Tuesday 26.1.21

To identify features of an information text

Shared reading with Miss Toole and identifying features of the text. Find out how the writer gives information to the reader in different parts of the text.


Wednesday 27.1.21

To write an information text Part 1

Grammar – practise spellings with est suffix and putting the words into a sentence. You can say or write the sentence.

Use your boxing up plan to help you write the beginning of your information text. Miss Toole will help you by doing a shared write.


Thursday 28.1.21

To write an information text Part 2

Read through your work so far and continue to do a shared write with Miss Toole to write the next part of your information text. Today you will be writing information about habitat and conservation.


Friday 29.1.21

To write an information text Part 3

Grammar – spelling word search

Read through your work so far and join Miss Toole to continue a shared write of the ending of your information text.