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Week 4 - 25/1/21

Week 4


This week we will continue our second unit in which children have been learning how to 'recycle the story' and write their own text with a similar structure to 'The Eagle who thought he was a Chicken'. 

Monday 25.1.21

In this lesson you will be planning your story by learning to 'box up' the story - this is a lot like the planning we do in the classroom. You will draw a picture for each stage and then write a short summary of events.

Tuesday 26.1.21

Today you are going to begin writing the beginning of your recycled story. You will think about how to introduce your problem and use the problem writing toolkit.  

Wednesday 27.1.21

Today you will continue writing your story using the writer's toolkit to write the second part of your story. 

Thursday 28.1.21

Today you are going to write the third part of your story - box 3 in your plan from Monday's lesson. 

Friday 29.1.21

In our final English lesson of this week you will be writing the final part of your story. I can't wait to see your finished writing when your parents email it to me.