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Week 3

Friday 22nd January 2021

WALT use the repeat function in logo to create shapes

I've added a video of how to use the repeat function on logo, which is linked below.

Hint for working out how much to turn for different shapes:


The number of degrees in a whole turn is 360.  So on logo, this would mean the arrow would turn all the way around and point back at where it started.  There are 4 sides to a square...360 divided by 4 = 90, so for a square we use rt 90 to get the turns we want.  If I had a triangle, what could the turns be?  There are 3 sides to a triangle so what do you think I'm going to divide 360 by? What about if I wanted a hexagon with six sides...what would I divide 360 by?

You can use a calculator to work out these turns!