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Week 3 18.1.21

Information texts - All about tigers

Information: All about Tigers

For the next two weeks we will be learning all about information texts and writing about tigers. There isn’t much writing to do this week so why not have a go at making a tiger mask with a paper plate or draw a picture of tiger in the jungle. Maybe you could make some binoculars to go tiger hunting? There is also a grammar sheet in 'optional extras' that explores the 'est' suffix. 


Mon 18.01.21

To listen and respond to an information text

Overview of lesson:

Grammar – adding the suffix est to a word to make boastful adjectives.

Lesson – Listen to the information all about Tigers and see what facts you can remember.


Tues 19.01.21

To tell an information text from memory

Overview of lesson:

Today you are going to listen to the information text all about Tigers. You are then going to draw a text map to help you learn the information from memory.

Practise using your actions to remember the information just like we do at school.

We have set a 2DO for this so that you can upload a picture of your information map.


Weds 20.01.21

To deepen an information text through role play

Grammar – recap words using the suffix est.

Role play with Miss Toole as she goes looking for Tigers.


Thurs 21.01.21

To add ‘s’ to make nouns plural

Recap your text map all about tigers. Remember to use your actions!

Learn all about nouns and how to add an ‘s’ to make a singular noun plural.


Fri 22.1.21

To retrieve information

Grammar – using the est suffix and practising spellings.

Read a story together with Miss Toole and the answer some questions to see how much you remembered. You can write this down or say it out loud.