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Week 3 - 18/1/21

Week 3


This week we will continue learning about 'The Eagle who thought he was a chicken' using Oak Academy. Our first unit will finish on Tuesday and we will then begin a second unit in which children will learn how to 'recycle the story' and write their own text with a similar structure. 


Monday 18.1.21

Today you are going to write the second stage of your story problem - when the chick is flying on the owl's back. 

Tuesday 19.1.21

Today you will be writing the final part of your story problem using the writer's toolkit we have been learning about. There is some shared writing to help you. Don't try to use joined up writing like the teacher - we will learn how to do our joined up writing later in the term.

Wednesday 20.1.21

In this lesson, we will begin a new unit where we will be 'recycling' the story of 'The Eagle who thought he was a chicken' and writing our own story. Today you will begin by creating a new character and using a 'plot matrix' to bring your story to life. 

Thursday 21.1.21

In today's lesson, you are going to be making your own story map and then using it to 'step' the story using freeze frames. This will then help you to tell your own recycled version of the story. 

Friday 22.1.21

In our final lesson this week, you will be learning how to put a character's feelings in a story by showing, not telling.