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Week 2 - 11/1/21

Week 2


This week we will continue learning about 'The Eagle who thought he was a chicken' using Oak Academy. I have popped all the links below so that you can follow the videos and do the tasks that they ask you to. Remember to use your English book and a pencil for any writing. 


Monday 11.1.21

Today you are going to learn about the past progressive tense and you will write sentences about the story in this tense. Don't panic! It's easier than it sounds. 

Tuesday 12.1.21

In today's lesson you will be reading a new story about the two eagles and making predictions about what will happen next. 

Wednesday 13.1.21

Today you will be 'hot-seating' the chick and thinking more about his feelings. You are going to be writing thought bubbles and really trying to understand why this problem matters. 

Thursday 14.1.21

In this lesson, you will start to think about consequences and begin to understand how writers create problems that matter. 

Friday 15.1.21

In your final lesson of the week, you are going to have a go at writing the first stage of our story problem - when the owl laughs at the chick and tells him the he is in fact an eagle.