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Week 2 11.1.21


Monday 11.01.21


This afternoon the children are sorting toys into whether they are modern toys or toys that are old and were played with a long time ago. Remember new toys are often made from plastic and have batteries or need electricity to work. Old toys were often made from tin, wood, lead or porcelain and if they moved it would work by clockwork. Have another look at the PPT from last week to help you. There are a couple of options of how you can present this. You can print the pictures attached and sort them into 2 groups; you can draw a picture of them or write a list to sort them into new and old toys. Please send me a photograph by email or upload a photograph to Purple mash.


Tuesday 12.01.21

This afternoon’s session is P.E. You could either go for a walk around your local area with your family or have a go at some Cosmic Kids Yoga. Use the link to help you choose a yoga session that you think you might enjoy.


Wednesday 13.01.21

This afternoon the children need to order the pictures of toys from oldest to newest. To help them do this they can think about if it was something a grandparent would have played with when they were younger, if a parent would have played with it when they were younger or if they would play with it now. Look at what the toys are made from and if they have batteries to help you. Please either upload to purple mash or send an photo by email.