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Week 2 - 11/1/21

Week 2


This week in maths we will be learning all about money. You will learn how to add together amounts of money, find the total and the difference and be learning about giving change.

The lessons this week are all from Autumn Week 11 on the White Rose maths website. I have popped a link above which should take you straight to the right week. I will be emailing the worksheets to you separately - for copyright reasons, we are not allowed to post these on the website.  


Monday 11.1.21 – Compare Money

Tuesday 12.1.21 – Find the total

Wednesday 13.1.21 – Find the difference

Thursday 14.1.21 – Find change

Friday 15.1.21 – Two step problems


Some of you may find that the maths gets a little tricky towards the end of the week. You may want to spend some more time practising giving change rather than moving to the two-step problems. Here is an alternative worksheet and an online game which you might enjoy more:


If you are enjoying learning about money and would like a 'real-life' challenge, you might enjoy this activity. Grown ups - you could easily create a similar task with an actual receipt. The simpler the receipt, the better to begin with.