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Week 2 01.03.21

Monday 01.03.21

Lesson title – to box up for purpose

Video link -

Practise spellings she, some, they, full, said, we.

Lesson – box up the explanation text with Miss Toole. This will really help you with your writing later in the week. Remember you only need to draw and use key words to complete your box up plan.


Tuesday 02.03.21

Lesson title- to identify features of an explanation

Video link -

Join Miss Toole for shared reading of the explanation text. Read the cause and effect explanations. You can then either write or discuss with a parent the key words that join the cause and effects in the sentence.


Wednesday 03.03.21

Lesson Title – To write an explanation Part 1

Video link -

Spelling - practise spelling common exception/tricky words ; of, were, was, my, so, I, me, today.

Learn the song of How Jack got rich with Miss Toole. Then join in with a shared write to explain how Jack got rich.


Thursday 04.03.21

Lesson title - to write an explanation Part 2

Video link-

Recap explanation of How Jack got rich. Continue shared write with Miss Toole.


Friday 05.02.21

Lesson title- To perform an information text in role.

Video link -


Spelling – practise spellings, be, your, once, love, one.

Lesson – reread explanation text you have written. Have a go at performing your writing in role.