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Week 2 01.03.21

Monday 1.3.21


On zoom we will be looking at where Southam and Struay are on a map.

This afternoon we will look at a map of the school from an aerial view. This means from up above. Imagine the roof has been taken off and we are a bird flying above. this is called a bird’s eye view. Discuss the symbols we will use to plot things on the map. You are then going to create an aerial view map of your house.

Tuesday 2.3.21

PSHE – Feelings and Bodies

Print off or copy down the Hurt feelings and bodies activity cards. There are lots of different situations of how somebody could get hurt. Talk through with somebody at home about how you would deal with that situation. Would you need first aid or would you need to tell somebody they had hurt your feelings?

Wednesday 3.3.21


Today in computing we will be starting a brand new topic all about Grouping and Sorting. The lesson objective today is: To sort items using a range of criteria. Gather 6 items from around you house. Sort them into two groups. How can you sort them? Take a photo and upload it to purple mash to show me how you have sorted the objects. Can you sort them in different ways?

Next lesson we will be sorting objects on the computer.