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Week 1 22.02.21


This half term our science will be all about plants. We will be even be having a go at growing our own later in the term!




Plants at home

Have a look around your house. What plants do you have in your house that you can eat?

I will share some ideas in the afternoon Zoom.

Make a list of plants you have in your home that you eat.


Which part of the plant do they come from?

EG The orange is the fruit of a plant but spinach is the leaf.

Which is your favourite?



How and why do we celebrate special and sacred times

This half term we will be learning about different celebrations. Our focus will be the Christian festival of Easter. We will learn about the events of Holy Week and why Christians celebrate Easter. We will also look at how other religions celebrate holy times.




How do you celebrate?

I want you to think about a time that you celebrate. A birthday, Christmas, special times with family. You may have to think back to before lockdown as our celebrations this year haven’t been usual.

I want you to imagine that we are planning a party. A celebration when we can all get together. What sort of things would make your celebration special? You can complete this in two ways. Do you have special food? Who would you want there? What activities would you do and what would you need to do them?


  1. Write a shopping list of things you need to make a party special


  1. Draw a picture of a celebration and label the things that make it special to you