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Wednesday Art

Wednesday 10th February

WALT make a salt dough canopic jar


As we have looked at mummification this week, I thought you could try to make an Ancient Egyptian canopic jar out of salt dough.  Salt dough is non-edible dough with a really high salt content and is cooked really slowly and it makes it really hard, once cooked.  I'm not entirely sure if this will work because the dough might be a bit soft when it's raw and building something like a jar shape might be tricky but I thought I would leave it up to you as a challenge.  If it's really not working, you could make some other Egyptian salt dough things like pyramids.  Once it's cooked and cooled, you can paint or draw on the salt dough to decorate. 


Here is a recipe for making salt dough:

Here is a website with more information about canopic jars: