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Tuesday Geography

Tuesday 12.1.21 - Topic (Geography) WALT explore Egypt on a map

Today, we are going to be looking at Egypt on google maps and finding out a bit more about the country.  

Once you go onto google maps, type Egypt into the search bar.  This should move the map over Egypt.  Try and switch it to 'Satellite' view by clicking on this button.  Try and answer the questions below by using google maps.  You might need to zoom in and out to answer some of them or some of them you might need to research.  Once you've done the questions, you could have a go at drawing a map of Egypt.  Make sure the river Nile is on the map and try and match the colours to the satellite view of Egypt. 


1. What continent is Egypt in?

2. Is it North or South of the equator?

3. What would most of Egypt look like and why is this? (Use the colours on Satellite view to help)

4. What seas are near to Egypt?

5. What countries border Egypt (are next to)?

6. What is the difference between Satellite view and Map view on google maps?

7. Why are there parts of Egypt that look green on the map?  What might be causing this?