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Tuesday Geography


WALT compare Egypt to the United Kingdom

Today we are going to compare the landscape in Egypt to the landscape in the United Kingdom.


Use google maps again to look at the UK.  Change to satellite view and compare what the UK looks like compared to what Egypt looked like.  Have another look at Egypt to compare.  What is similar?  What is different?


Make a list of the similarities and differences that you can spot from looking at the map. I've attached the start of an example table below. You don't have to set yours out in a table.  You could set it out differently if you would like.


After you've done that, try and recreate the landscapes of Egypt and the UK in some way.  It could be through drawing or painting (for example one picture of the desert and one of the British countryside).  You could use a computer painting program to do this or you could recreate them using Lego or in a different way I haven't suggested.