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Tuesday History

Tuesday 26th January

WALT develop our knowledge of the pyramids


When we think of Ancient Egypt, one of the first things that comes to mind are the pyramids! Have a look at the link below and see what some of the different Egyptian pyramids looked like.


Now have a look at this video of a virtual tour inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Make sure you use the arrows that appear on the screen to move the view around so you can see everything! 
Have a look at this video as well, which gives a bit more information about the pyramids.
Next, have a look at the information on this website:

For your activity, I'd like you to draw a picture of a pyramid and then write 3 facts that you've learnt about them.  You can include more facts, if you would like to.  Egyptian pharaohs were buried with lots of prized possessions that they thought would be needed in the afterlife.  If you were a pharaoh, what possessions would you like to have with you?