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Times tables

Here is some information that will help you to continue learning you times tables at home. In Year 2, pupils should all be trying to learn the multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables by the end of the year.


We use tests in the classroom to check which of the facts children have learnt. I have uploaded all of these below in the order that we learn them - 10s, 5s and then 2s with the multiplication facts first and then the division for the same times table. Once children have mastered all these times tables individually, we make sure they have a speedy recall by using a longer, mixed question test.


As the children are all in different groups for targets, it is very tricky to do target testing on zoom. However, this is much easier to manage at home. Please feel free to use the tests at home if you wish. Make sure you stick to the timings and if you use the same one lots, mix up the questions (children quickly learn the order of the answers!). 



Introducing new times tables

This is a link to the Y1 maths page where there is a video that Mrs Walklett has made about introducing the 10 times table. I have put the link here because all of the ideas she has talked about could be adapted to any new times table. It is really important to be able to reliably count in multiples of the table that is being learnt before trying to learn the multiplication or division facts. I hope some of the strategies she uses will help some of you with learning new times tables.


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