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5-a-day slides - these are optional

Week One


Our lessons this week are from White Rose. Here are the instructions for which lesson to watch and the worksheets for you to complete. Remember you don't have to print out the worksheets - you can complete the work neatly in your maths book once you have completed it. 


Wednesday 6.1.21


Today's video can be found in home learning, week 3. It is called Compare Numbers. The worksheet which goes with it is below. 


Thursday 7.1.21


The video for today's lesson can also be found in week 3 of the home learning. It is called 'Order Objects and Numbers'.

Friday 8.1.21


The video for this lesson is in the folder called 'Activity Week' at the very end of the Autumn Term. The lesson for today is called 'Wrap up Warm'. There isn't an activity sheet for this lesson - you will just need either some paper and a pencil or your maths book.